The Famous Actress of Pakistan TV show Iqra Aziz vaccinated against corona

iqra aziz vaccinated

Pakistani top Actress of TV shows Iqra Aziz has also been Vaccinated against crono. The Actress has additionally engaged her fans to get Vaccinated.

Iqra Aziz, a famous Actress of Pakistan showbiz industry and who arrived at the Top of Fame with her Popular Drama” KHUDA OR MUHABBAT ” under the pennant of Geo, additionally got Vaccinated against crona.

Iqra Aziz said she had not yet been Vaccinated because of pregnancy.

The Famous Actress got Vaccinated against Covid in a private medical clinic in Karachi.

Iqra Aziz spoke to his fans to rigorously cling to SOPs to prevent crona and to get Vaccinted of Corona to ensure their daily routines and the existences of their friends and family.

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