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ISPR releases new national anthem ‘One Nation One Destination’

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The Pakistan Army Public Relations Department has released a new national anthem ‘One Nation One Destination’ on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

The song ‘Ek Qaum Ek Manzil’ has been sung by singers Ali Zafar and Aima Baig while the music of the song has also been composed by Ali Zafar. The purpose of the anthem is to highlight the purpose of one nation one destination.

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The lyrics of the song are written by Abid Hassan while the music producer is Sarmad Ghafoor.

The song released by ISPR conveys a message about the Quaid’s sacrifices for Pakistan and also reflects the determination and courage of the Pakistani nation.

According to ISPR, ‘One Nation One Destination’ is shedding light on the unity and determination of the nation even after 81 years.

The feeling of empathy, tolerance, brotherhood and unity is the essence that strengthens the society of different cultures and religions.

The message accompanying the anthem also states that well-known singers Ali Zafar and Aima Baig have sung the anthem wholeheartedly.

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