ERTUGRUL GHAZI Cast’s Real Name and Real Life

ertugrul ghazi drama cast

Ertugrul is a Most Popular Turkish Drama that is discussion now a days. In light of the existence of a Brave and Victorian fighter having a place with the Kayi Clan, the drama started broadcasting in Turkey in December 2014. Pakistan’s leader Mr Imran Khan ended up watching the series and requested PTV to name the show in Urdu and air it for the general population to see.

A story Based on the history of the Muslim Ouz Turks happens in the thirteenth century. This series is basically about the Travel and life of Ertugrul Ghazi, the dad of Usman, who established the Ottoman Empire.

The series before long won the hearts of viewers in Pakistan and surprisingly positioned the top watched series on Netflix. Viewers not just fell head over heels for the storyline and plot however seen to be overwhelmed with passion in wonderment of the Actors too.

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On the off chance that you are additionally a devotee of Ertugrul and need to discover more about the cast, continue to peruse! We will be sharing the genuine names just as the past work history of all your number one cast individuals from the much Loved Ertugrul!

  • Ertugrul Ghazi
  • Halima Sultan
  • Suleyman Shah
  • Hayma Hatun
  • Turgut Alp
  • Selcan Hatun
  • Dogan Alp
  • Aykuz Hatun
  • Gokche Hatun

Engin Altan Duzytan known as Ertugrul Ghazi:

Engin Altan Duzytan

The main Role in the series i,e, the Role of Ertugrul has been played by the eminent Turkish Actor Engin Altan. Engin Altan was born on July 26, 1979 in Izmir . The 41-year-old Actor has a place with the Turkish region Izmir and comes from a Pritina immigrant family. He has not just played a lot of parts in TV series however has additionally graced the big screen with his quality. He has been joyfully Married throughout the previous five years and is father to a lovely kid named Emir Ayas Duzyatan.

Esra Bilgic also known as Halima Sultan:

Esra Bilgic

Esra Bilgic played the main role of Halima Sultan’s person is among the most Loved and acclaimed characters from the series. Esra Bilgic was born on October 14, 1992, in Ankara .Also, legitimately so since the wonderful Actress Esra Bilgic has done equity to her Role as the Wife of the successful Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertugrul was her introduction TV series. Prior to this Character, she was for the most part a model. Be that as it may, the achievement of her person has won her a lot of other driving parts in a lot other TV series. She even highlights two or three Pakistani TV promotion crusades.

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Serdar Gokhan also known as Suleyman Shah:

Serdar Gokhan

Suleyman Shah is the dad of Ertugrul Ghazi. The Role has been capably dealt with by Serdar Gokhan, a famous Turkish Actor who has been in this field since a long while.  Serdar Kokhan was born on 15 May 1946 in Nusret Ersöz. Relatively few individuals realize that he began his vocation as a painter and has additionally created various movies under his organization “Istanbul Video’s” banner. His first TV appearance all the way back to 1971. Along these lines, clearly Serdar Gokhan was the ideal decision for the part of Suleyman Shah, the Leader of the Kayi Clan.

Hulya Korel Darcan known as Hayma Hatun:

Hulya Korel Darcan

Hayma Hatun is the mother of Ertugrul Ghazi and the Wife of Suleyman Shah in the TV series. She was born on 27 April 1951 in Izmir. The job has been handily played by Hulya Korel Darian. She is a veteran Turkish Actress who has been working since the 1970s. She has Played a few parts in various TV series all through her vocation that ranges over almost fifty years, however her portrayal of Hayma Hatun on-screen got a ton of affection and recognition from watchers.

Cengiz Coskun known as Turgut Alp:

Cengiz Coskun

Turgut is one of the three primary alps and buddies of Ertugrul Ghazi. The person has been played by Cengiz Coskun. Cengiz Coskun was born on April 29, 1982, in Istanbul.Cengiz started his vocation as a model in 2002 after he won a demonstrating challenge in London. The 38-year-old entertainer has been gracing the TV screen both as an entertainer just as a model from that point forward. He has acted in TV series as well as played various parts in films.

Nutrettin Sonmez known as Bamsi Beyrek:

Nutrettin Sonmez

Nourishment Sonmez handily assumed the part of Bambi Beyrek in Diliris Ertugrul.He was born in Istanbul on July 24, 1978. He graduated and studied Mining Engineering. In the wake of graduating, he went to acting school and stepped in the field in 1999. He had been acting from that point forward, however he got the acknowledgment after the job of Bambi Beyrek. The fanatics of the show acclaimed his ability such a lot of that he additionally stowed a job in the spin-off of Ertugrul named Kurulus: Osman. Other than acting, Nutrition is additionally extremely enthusiastic about learning and showing hand to hand fighting.

Didem Balcin known as Selcan Hatun:

Didem Balcin

Didem Balcin was picked to assume the part of Selcan Hatun. Didem Balcin was born on May 18, 1982 in Ankara . She Played a role of little girl just as the little girl in-law of Suleyman Shah. Both her folks come from media outlets. Her dad worked for radio while her mom contended two or three excellence events. She began her profession by acting in some TV plugs and later made it to TV series. She likewise possesses an Education Consultancy in organization with her sister.

Cetin Guner also known as Dogan Alp:

Cetin Guner

The part of Dogan Alp, the kindred spirit of Turgut Alp and Bamsi Byrek has been delightfully played by Cavit Cetin Gunner. That was born on February 21, 1986, in Istanbul. He has graduated as a theater entertainer and has consistently been energetic about acting. It was during his college time that he was offered his first TV ad that denoted his introduction on screen. He has showed up in various advertisements, television series and motion pictures and is acclaimed for his fantastic presentation and expert depiction of the part of Dogan Alp.

Hande Subasi also known as Aykuz Hatun:

Hande Subasi

The Wife of Turgut Alp also known as Aykuz Hatun has been thought about screen by the famous Turkish Actress Hande Subasi. She born in February 21, 1984, in Turkey She won the Miss Turkey contest in 2005 and has been functioning as a film entertainer since 2006. Her part as Aykiz Hatun was profoundly valued, and she was acclaimed for her legitimate and genuine portrayal of the authentic figure.

Burcu Kiratli also known as Gokche Hatun:

Burcu Kiratli

Gokche Hatun is another incredible female person from the show. She has been played by the honor winning entertainer Burcu Kiratli. She has been assuming little parts in venues since her college life and has consistently been energetic about acting. Her profession ranges over almost seven years with perceptible parts in both TV just as the entertainment world. Her depiction of Gokche Hatun was additionally generally welcomed by the crowd, and she was adulated for her exceptional presentation.

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