Masjids will remain open in Ramadan, Conditions Continue, Restrictions are mandatory

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ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has issued guidelines regarding Ramadan. New guidelines have been issued regarding Masjids, prayers in Imambargahs, Taraweeh Masjids, courtyard Masjids, Imambargahs. I will not perform prayers in the hall, Taraweeh should be arranged in the premises of Masjids, Imambargah. 

The NCOC has said that citizens should refrain from praying on the roads and sidewalks, performing ablutions in Masjids and imambargahs.

Masjids will remain open in Ramadan, Conditions Continue, Restrictions are mandatory.

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Wash hands with soap for 20 seconds while performing ablutions. Masjids, carpets in imambargahs, rivers will not be laid, prayers in Masjids, imambargahs will be performed on the floor, the floor should be washed with chlorinated water Prefer to bring a place of prayer from home. 

The NCOC has directed that children above the age of 50 years should not come to Masjids and imambargahs.

The NCOC has directed the worshipers to come to the Masjid, imambargah wearing masks and refrain from holding gatherings in Masjids and imambargahs. During the alignment, a distance of 6 feet should be kept between the worshipers.

The NCOC has directed the management of Masjids and imambargahs to form a committee to implement the QOOPs. Iftar should not be arranged. 

Cooperate with Masjids, Imambargah administration, Khatib administration. The NCOC has said that conditional permission is being given to the management of Masjids and imambargahs. 

Permission to Masjids, imambargahs is conditional on implementation of SOPs, non-implementation of SOPs, policy will be reviewed as cases increase, while the government is authorized to change the policy for severely affected areas.

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