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An alarming rise in corona cases. Hospital beds have Become Less

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Lahore (Monitoring Desk): Corona cases increase alarmingly. According to the details, the allotted beds in government hospitals in Lahore, the capital of Punjab, have started declining.

164 ventilators have been allotted for corona patients in government hospitals. The ventilators of government hospitals in the city were filled up to 88.50%, due to which patients are facing severe difficulties in obtaining ventilators.

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In the city, 475 oxygen beds have been allotted for corona patients, out of which 66.20 per cent oxygen beds have been filled. At present, 201 patients are being treated in the intensive care unit and 491 patients are being treated on oxygen.

The CU and 42 patients are on ventilators while 59 patients are being treated at Services Hospital and 74 at Jinnah Hospital.

VCUHS Professor Javed Akram has said that the third wave pack of corona has started, the virus has changed its structure and status, the number of alarming cases will also increase the number of deaths.

He said that the load on hospitals would be reduced only when people would take precaution, vaccination process should be made possible for every citizen and social and religious ceremonies should be banned immediately.

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