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Muslim boy tortured for drinking water from temple, video goes viral

Muslim boy tortured for drinking water from temple, video goes viral

In India, a young Muslim boy was brutally tortured by Hindu extremists for drinking water from a temple, a move that has been widely criticized on social media.

Stories of atrocities against minorities in India, especially Muslims, come to the fore with each passing day.

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However, a similar video has now surfaced in which an extremist Hindu named Srinivasa Nandan Yadav was seen brutally torturing a Muslim boy named Asif.

In the video, which was circulating on social media, Shringi grabbed the young Muslim boy’s hand and deliberately made a video.

Unfamiliar with his fate, Nahta Asif kept answering questions from the extremist Hindu man, which was related to his name and his father’s name.

However, when the extremist Shringi Muslim boy was asked why he had come to the temple, he replied that he had come from here to drink water.

After hearing this, the extremist Hindu man started beating him mercilessly and did not listen to one of the young Muslim boys.

The extremist’s actions were sharply criticized and his arrest was demanded.

Police in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, later said that the extremist Shringi, who had been torturing a young Muslim, had been arrested.

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