I am sure Ali Zafar has harassed Mesha Shafi, Effat Omar

I am sure Ali Zafar has harassed Mesha Shafi, Effat Omar

Actress Effat Omar has said that she believes that Ali Zafar had harassed Mesha Shafi.

During the hearing of the defamation case against actor and singer Ali Zafar’s Mesha Shafi, Ali Zafar’s lawyer asked the witness actress Effat Umar whether he showed his daughter to be like Mesha Shafi.

Answering the lawyer’s question, Efat Omar said, “I wanted my daughter to be like Mesha Shafi.”

Ali Zafar’s lawyer asked if Saba Hameed is your childhood friend? To which the actress said, “Yes, he is my friend and I respect him more than my teacher.”

The singer’s lawyer asked if the private channel had launched a campaign against him. Did you claim damages for it? In response to this question, Effat Omar said, “Yes, I have filed a claim. False allegations destroy families.”

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Ali Zafar’s lawyer asked if the allegation has to be proved. On which the actress said that it is necessary to prove it by making allegations.

The lawyer asked, “Do you ask questions about Ali Zafar’s case in your program?” To which Effat Omar replied that my program is based on problems. Ali Zafar’s question may have been asked in a program.

“When someone asks me about Ali Zafar, I tell them, my program is watched by millions,” said Effat Omar. 

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The actress said that millions of people watch what Ali Zafar talks about on social media.

The singer’s lawyer asked, “Are you sure Ali Zafar has harassed Mesha Shafi?” To which the actress said, “Yes, I believe Ali Zafar has harassed me.”

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